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Asset Management

The Fairbourne Properties Asset Management Team develops and implements strategic business plans that optimize each client's investment criteria, goals, and objectives.  The Team monitors market activities, identifies value-creation opportunities, and implements redevelopment or repositioning strategies that will increase the valuation of each property.  


The Asset Management Team has a proven track record of developing the necessary steps to stabilize, improve and reposition office and retail properties.   An in-depth analysis of each retail asset is completed by analyzing existing tenancy, sales performance, health ratios, occupancy costs and co-tenancy resulting in underwriting modifications that coincide with a full strategic repositioning plan.


The Fairbourne Senior Asset Managers have over twenty years of experience in managing real estate portfolios beginning with the initial acquisition and continuing through the eventual disposition of the property. The Senior Asset Managers have extensive knowledge in underwriting and repositioning all types of properties across the risk spectrum. 

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